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Ratio Of Area of Rectangle To Area Of Square Is 1:4, Ratio Of Perimeter Of Rectangle To Perimeter Of Square Is 1:2. If The Length Is 5 cm Then Find The Area Of Square

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If 5x + 9y = 5 and 125x3 + 729y3 = 120, then the value of the product of x and y is?

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Ratio and Proportions

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A's income is Rs. 140 more than B's income and C's income is Rs. 80 more than D's. If the ratio of A's and C's income is 2 : 3 and the ratio of B's and D's income is 1: 2, then the incomes of A, B, C, and D are respectively.

A)     Rs. 60, Rs.120, Rs. 320 and Rs. 240

B)     Rs.300, Rs.160, Rs. 600 and Rs. 520

C)     Rs.400, Rs.260, Rs. 600 and Rs. 520

D)     Rs.320, Rs.180, Rs. 480 and Rs. 360

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Work and wages

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Shikhar upadhyay

B+c take 50% more time then a+b+c to finish a work if all three work together then b gets 120? out of the total wagaes of 450? .in how many days will all 3 finish the work if a+b take 8/3 days more then a+b+c

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Time and Work

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A and B working together can complete a work in \D\ days . Working alone A takes (8+d) days and B takes (18+d) days to complete the same work. A works for 4 days , so the remaining work will be completed by B alone in how many days ??

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Time and work

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A can do 50 % of the job in 16 days; B can do ¼ th of the job in 24 days. In how many days can they do ¾ th of the job working together?

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