Author Manisha Gupta asked on 2019-07-22 13:26:00

The area of a trapezium is 384cm2. its parallel sides are in the ratio 3:5 and the perpendicular distance between them is 12 cm. if each of the parallel sides is  increased  by 2 cm, then the area of the trapezium increased by

Method I  

smaller side =3x

12(3x+2) -12*3x  =36x+24-36x=24 Answer 


Method II

Smaller side =3x

Long Side =5x

Area of Triangles +area of rectangle =384

1/2 *x*12*2  +3x*12=384


Smaller side =24  

Smaller increased by 2 =26

New area -Initial Area =1/2*8*12*2+26*12 -384 =96+312 -384 =408-384=24 answer