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Author Raj asked on 2022-01-16 19:09:18

A and B together can complete a job in 8 days. Both B and C, working alone can finish the same job in 12 days, A and B commence work on the job, and work for 4 days, where upon A leaves, B continues for 2 more days, and then he leaves too, C now start working, and finish the remaining work?

A+B complete a job in = 8 B complete a job in = 12 C complete a job in =12 Total Work = LCM (8,12,12) =24 A+B Per day work= 24/8 =3 (Per day work = Total Work/Number of days) B per day work = 24/12= 2 C per day work = 24/12 =2 As per question A+B worked for 4 days, A+B total work will be = 4*3=12 B worked for extra 2 days; B Total work will be = 2*2 =4 Total work done by A and B = 12+4 =16 Remaining work = 24-16= 8 to be done by C C will complete remaining work = 8/2 =4 days (Number of days = Total Work/ Per day work)

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My suggestion to developers team is to great a tab that we can click on and highlight all the posts we want to get read of and click delete

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Yub, I agree, it would make it so easy to clean up wasted space.